A Dirty Job... But someone has to do it

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About: Jonathan Morrison (Powder Coat Supervisor)

By - Hilary Thomas



Hilary --  I only started working at Redline Steel three weeks ago and in those three short weeks I have absolutely fallen in love with this company and the passion behind every single employee that works at our Huntsville, Alabama head quarters. We are a family, everyone sees the same vision and some see a vision even beyond that. Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Joathan Morrison, the longest standing powder coat employee in the warehouse, So i asked him a few questions                                              

Hilary Thomas: "How long have worked at Redline steel?"

Jonathan Morrison: "Since December 11th of 2016"


Hilary Thomas: "Did you have any prior experience in this style of work?

Jonathan Morrison: "No, I actually managed a family comic book store" (followed by a giggle)


Hilary Thomas: "What is your job title at Redline Steel?"

Jonathan Morrison: "Powder coat supervisor"


Hilary Thomas: "What makes working here worth it?"

Jonathan Morrison: "Experience. I wanted to learn and excel in something that i have never done before"


Hilary Thomas: "Share the process of your job with us?

Jonathan Morrison: "Receive the invoice and look at the color. See if it is a single or multi-color piece. Decide on which color you will go with first, depending on what the powder coat is. Tape off the piece, hit it with whatever color you are going to use first, remove tape, clean excess powder coat where its not supposed to be because once you bake it, it's not coming off. Hang it on the rack, then bake it. Repeat with other colors if its multi-toned"


Hilary Thomas: "What is your favorite thing about the work day?"

Jonathan Morrison: "Seeing a finished high quality product, because i know that's what make our customers happy."


Although I was only able to ask a few questions so that he could get back to fulfilling orders for our customers. He once told me that in his first week he messed up 40 pieces but that with every piece it only made him want to become better. I have a front row view everyday of the passion that Jonathan puts into every piece of custom steel that he powder coats, and from what I can see, he sought out what he had planned to "excel in something new". Today mediocrity is no where near Jonathan Morrison.
CEO, Colin Wayne, Founder of Redline Steel, has a work ethic that I can only describe as admirable, passionate, and restless. I have personally witnessed him working long hours through the night just to be right back in the office early the next morning. His motivation and drive are that of a warrior. He doesn't just fight for his business, he fights for us. In my initial interview one of the first things he announced is that "If you give me 100%, I will give you 110%". I personally believe that he has done nothing but prove that to all of us. It makes us push through, giving this company all we have. It's not about the now, it's about the future, it's about family, growth, strength and I believe that Jonathan is also a reflection of that.


(Left) CEO Colin Wayne (Right) Powder Coat Supervisor Jonathan Morrison during his first month of work

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